Actos Bladder Cancer

Actos Bladder Lawsuit Facts

fdaYou’re entitled to file an Actos lawsuit if you have been diagnosed with this complication recently and you are sure that Actos has caused this condition. How do you do that, we will send you a case evaluation and evaluate it at no cost and no obligation.

Our country has product liability law in place to safeguard the interest of the consumers. If you can prove that the injuries you incurred were caused by the drug manufacturer’s defective marketing, or lack of intentions to warn you against the drug’s possible side effects, you may qualify for a lawsuit.

We suggest taking immediate action in order to initiate a proper investigation and increase the chances of winning adequate compensation.


We usually don’t doubt the reliability of a drug when we know its FDA approved. The same thing was expected from the drug Actos as well. When the drug entered the market after getting an approval from the FDA, consumers felt secure to use it.

About Actos and Diabetes

Actos was designed to treat type 2 diabetes. According to the report revealed from trusted sources, more than 60 million prescriptions for the drug were issued since its launch in 1999.

Takeda pharmaceutical, the manufacturer of this drug, became popular, its sales figure jumped and its name started to appear in top newspaper headlines soon after its official launch. The product has been in the market for total 12 long years. In 2008, Actos was the tenth best selling medication in the market of US.

Although the FDA approved the official launch of the product in the year 1999, the organization is now making all deliberate efforts to warn of the dangerous side effects of the drug.

Actos Bladder Cancer Lawsuit: The Justification

actos-claims1You may be eligible to file an Actos Bladder Cancer lawsuit against Takeda pharmaceuticals and qualify for a compensation for the damages if you can prove that your health is in danger because of the company.There are several different side effects such as heart attacks. The symptoms that lead up to a heart attacks some indications of hear issues are weight gain, being tired, and shortness of breathe.

All manufacturers of prescription drugs are liable to give answers for their irresponsible actions. These manufacturers are supposed to produce safe products for the consumers and warn the patients and doctors of any known adverse effects the product can have.

We have seen it when a Drug manufacturer has known about possible bad side effects and still pushed it through the FDA for Acceptance.

Why did people start filing Actos bladder cancer lawsuits? Let’s take a look at the past to know what Takeda pharmaceuticals did earlier.

Takeda Knew the Drug Actos caused Bladder Cancer

First, before the official launch of the drug in 1999, Takeda pharmaceuticals already had an animal study in possession that showed the drug was responsible for instigating a higher risk of developing bladder cancer in the animals. Takeda reportedly failed to disclose the laboratory results to the health regulatory authorities.

Second, According to the standard health practices, Takeda was supposed to undertake a post marketing study to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the drug and report to the FDA. Takeda delayed the initiation of the study until 2003 and designed it as a 10 year trial basis. Because of the design of the study, the results will be available for scrutiny only after the expiration of Takeda’s patent on Actos.

Third, Takeda conducted a study in 2005 for evaluating the cardiovascular benefits of Actos. The study showed 14 cases of bladder cancer among patients who took Actos against 5 cases of bladder cancer who didn’t take Actos. But again, the manufacturer of Actos refused to hold the drug responsible for such a higher rate of bladder cancer cases.

If you take a look at the warning label of Actos, you will see the manufacturer says there are actually very few bladder cancer cases to establish the casualty. These events clearly show that Takeda pharmaceuticals tried to conceal the truth and disregard the patients. And it goes without saying that you have a right to ask for a compensation if you think Actos is responsible for your condition.

Actos Bladder Cancer: How Does Actos Cause the Cancer

Patients who have bladder cancer or have a family history of bladder cancer should not be prescribed pioglitazone, the main ingredient of Actos. For most people, the drug was quite effective for treating type 2 diabetes. However, the recent revelations have been quite a shock to the entire nation. The most prominent signs of Actos Bladder Cancer are blood in urine, urgent need to urinate, back or lower abdominal pain or pain during urination. The moment you find out a sign, immediately discontinue the medication. If you would like to read more about Actos Bladder Cancer Click Here

Actos Side Effects: Who Can File Actos Bladder Cancer Lawsuit

What types of side effects you can expect after ingesting the drug orally? People who had to suffer because of any of the below mentioned side effects should approach an attorney to have a right idea and formalities of the lawsuit

  1. Bladder cancer is the most prominent one among a few other Actos side effects.
  1. Apart from bladder cancer, Actos can also be a major reason for liver failure.
  1. Other side effects of the drug can be stomach pain, sudden increase in weight, dehydration, congestive heart failure, fluid retention etc.
  1. Cases of kidney failure also came into notice as a side effect of Actos.

5. Actos causes Heart Attacks: here is a link to learn about the onset of heart failure.

As it’s not possible for you to be aware of all litigation formalities, you will need to consult professionals with many years of experience in the field. We hope you have found the above information helpful and gain insight about the Actos Bladder Cancer Lawsuits.

Although we can not guarantee compensation, we can say that we will do our very best for you, the client, even if that means referring you to another firm that may have more specialty in a certain field.

We are Truly for you.

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