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Actos Claims Information

actos-claims1Actos Claims from patients who were diagnosed with bladder cancer and other complications are on the rise. They had been taking the Type 2 diabetes medication to control their diabetes. Many people started taking the medication as a substitute for Avandia. The FDA recently announced a possible link between Actos and bladder cancer, Actos has been linked to over 230,000 cases of bladder cancer in France. This has caused many European nations to pull Actos from the shelves.

Experienced Trial Litigators and Actos Claims

Experienced trial litigation attorneys are gathering clients that have Actos Claims against the manufacturer, Takeda Pharmaceuticals. Over recent weeks 1000`s of people affected by Actos Side Effects have come forward with their Actos Claims. It is Vital that your Actos Claims are handled by a Law Firm that has knowledge of personal injury cases. To receive a free case review, complete the form on this page or call today!

Actos Side Effects Include:

Bladder Cancer
Cardiovascular related diseases
Increased risk of heart attack due to existing heart condition
Swelling related to fluid retention
Shortness of breath
Unusual and sudden gain in weight
A slowed heartbeat
Unusual tiredness