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Actos Lawsuit

Filing an Actos lawsuit is the only way to raise a strong voice against the unethical profit maximization practices adopted by the giant pharmaceutical companies across the world. Actos is a medication used to treat the type 2 diabetes. However, the medication has been found to be linked to several health complications, which was never mentioned by the drug manufacturer.

What Was Responsible for Actos Lawsuit?

actoslawsuit-300x200Did you ever think a drug, which was meant to help patients get over a health complication, would actually become a potent reason for additional health problems? This is what happened in this case. Although people actually took the prescription drug thinking that it could help them control type 2 diabetes, it did something very bad to them in reality. Actos caused bladder cancer in many former users of the drug. When patients found out the reality, they were aggravated by the fact that the drug maker didn’t warn them about its adversities, which actually led them to file Actos lawsuit.

Actos Lawsuit: Takeda Was Aware Of The Complications Of Actos And Should Be Held Responsible.

A drug manufacturer is the ultimate entity which should have all information pertaining to a product it plans to launch in the market. If a pharmaceutical company claims to have a solution for a health complication in the form of a drug, it means the company has clear evidence showing the effectiveness of the medication. Likewise, if the company comes to know about some unwanted effect of the drug during human or animal trials, it’s supposed to disclose all records to the health authority before making the product ready for its official launch.

Nowadays, pharmaceutical companies seem to be in a hurry to complete the necessary drug safety evaluation process. Sometimes it’s the pressure of market competition, and sometimes it’s the intention of profit maximization which forces organizations to skip the indispensable steps of product safety evaluation. However, as a consumer, you won’t be able to know what exactly these companies are doing to meet their organizational goal. The only way to make the pharmaceutical companies follow the necessary health practices is making them accountable for their wrongful acts. This is why we think filing an Actos lawsuit is very important.

Most Important Actos Facts: How Was It Before People Started Filing Actos Lawsuit Against the Drug Manufacturer?

Actos used to be the second most preferred medication for treating diabetes after Avandia. But, when Avandia was found to be a major precursor of heart problems in 2007, Actos became the one and only hope for the patients. However, at that time, no one had even a small indication about the fact that long term use of Actos could lead to bladder cancer.

Takeda Pharmaceutical was the manufacturer of Actos. This Japanese pharmaceutical company was overwhelmed by its success as its earnings jumped profusely and the company name was on all top newspaper headlines. Before people actually started filing Actos lawsuit against the company, Actos used to be known as an ultimate cure for type 2 diabetes.

What Ignited Fire in the Country: The Most Important Facts That Led to Actos Lawsuit?

It’s true that Takeda Pharmaceuticals was able to acquire a top position in the market. However, nobody knew at that time that Takeda wasn’t totally honest about their product safety or side effects. According to some sources, the company had evidence long back that showed Actos could cause bladder cancer in patients. But Takeda didn’t disclose the necessary information to the FDA or any other regulatory body.

What this means? This means the pharmaceutical company decided to compromise consumer well being just to keep their sales figure high. Actos Lawsuit protests against this unethical tendency of the corporations.

Actos Lawsuit: FDA’s Warning

The Food and Drug Administration, U.S., issued several warnings to help people know the dangerous side effects Actos can have in the long run. Today, the motivation of profit maximization is more important for the corporations rather than putting consumer’s interest above all. Although it’s true that no companies can run on loss; but, it shouldn’t be the company’s sole motive in any case.

Actos Side Effects: Supportive Evidence to File an Actos Lawsuit

The most life threatening side effect of Actos is the increased risk of bladder cancer. Many studies have confirmed that the main ingredient in Actos, pioglitazone, can increase the risk of bladder cancer. During an animal trial, some drug induced tumors were found in the urinary bladder of both male and female rats. Patients with pre-existing heart conditions were found to be at a greater risk of heart failure. Actos can cause water retention and weight gain, which can eventually trigger heart problems in patients. Females taking Actos showed signs of bone fracture. Patients were found to have problems with feet, upper arms and hand bones. Some patients taking pioglitazone also reported to have macular edema. This is a type of eye disease. Blurred vision is the most common symptom. There are also cases of kidney failure. A patient suffering Actos side effect can even have a liver condition. It’s called hepatic failure. You may notice yellowing of the skin or eyes as a common symptom.

You’ll need to have an idea about Actos effects to file an Actos lawsuit. Actos can also have an interaction with other medications. Go through FDA’s warning to know Actos side effects in detail and general information about Actos lawsuit. Although Actos is meant to help you and control type 2 diabetes by making your body more responsive to insulin, you actually lose much more in the long run. The medication can have ill effects on your heart, liver, eye and even the kidney.

Rush to a legal advisor as soon as your health check up report confirms the uncomfortable physical symptoms are the signs of Actos side effects. You can consult your problem with our seniors and decide what steps to take. However, our attorneys will first determine your eligibility for the case before taking it any further. If you’re eligible for the case, you can then file an Actos lawsuit under the guidance of our legal advisors and claim compensation for your loss.

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