Actos Side Effects

Actos Side Effects and Associated Studies

Actos side effects range from mild to life threatening conditions. The increasing number of Actos lawsuits is a clear evidence of the fact that people who use this medication have a greater chance of developing Actos side effects at any point of time. There are  pending lawsuits against the manufacturer of Actos, Takeda Pharmaceuticals  for the life threatening Actos side effects associated with their drug. Several Actos lawsuits have so far been settled. Other Multidistrict litigation cases and  class action suits are awaiting trials in various Federal and District Courts in  the US.

Considering the extent of the adverse side effects associated with Actos,  patients are given the prescription only as a last resort. If your type 2 diabetes can be managed by alternative medication the better it will be for you.  Actos has been linked to bladder cancer and congestive heart failure. Several studies published in distinguished journals have been done to support this claim. If you were affected by the serious complications of Actos,

In France and Germany, Actos has been banned because of the serious risks it poses to its users. In the US, Actos is still being sold. Takeda Pharmaceuticals has not recalled the drug and the drug regulating bodies have yet to place a ban on Actos. Instead, Takeda Pharmaceuticals changed the drug label to include a warning against the drug’s potentially harmful side effects.

You may choose to speak to your physician for other options before choosing Actos to manage your diabetes. The efficacies of Actos in managing diabetes type 2 are unquestionable, but are the side effects associated with the drug worth it?

Serious Actos Side Effects and Complications

Severe Actos side effects tend to have symptoms associated with them. They can be detected before they become chronic. Unfortunately, they may interfere with life if they advance to the chronic stage. This is why there are lawsuits against the manufacturers of the drug. Some of the most severe Actos side effects include:

Actos Bladder Cancer: The most apparent cause of a bladder cancer is smoking. Smoking encourages toxin build up in the urine. A urine bladder exposed to these harmful substances originating from nicotine develops symptoms of cancer in the long run. Actos has been seen to have a toxic effect on the bladder of the patient, who relies too much on the medicine for type 2 diabetes treatments. You might have to undergo a bladder cancer diagnosis process to find out the complication. The most common symptoms of Actos bladder cancer are bloody urine, bladder infection, painful urination, back pain or frequent urination.

Actos Heart Failure: Why you should be bothered about Actos heart failure is because the effect of the drug can be as fatal as death. People from different parts of the country have voiced against the manufacturer’s unethical business practices. Why didn’t the manufacturer take any responsibility to inform the consumers that Actos could trigger heart complications in patients? Patients with existing heart conditions will have a higher risk of facing life threatening health challenges like heart attacks. This is why we recommend seeking medical help as soon as you feel problems like chest congestion or increased heart palpitation. These might be the trigger of Actos heart failure.

Actos Liver Failure: You might not know about this side effect, but it’s also a too risky medical complication. Actos side effects can be so strong that they can even cause liver failure. Actos can cause liver dysfunction. You may notice yellowing of the eyes and skin as a common symptom. Liver diseases caused by Actos can lead to a very severe condition called Lactic Acidosis. It’s a type of medical emergency and patients with this condition should be hospitalized immediately.

Actos Macular Edema (swelling in the back of the eye) Actos macular edema is a condition where a patient experiences swelling of the eye all of a sudden. If a patient, unfamiliar with Actos side effects, continues to take the drug for a very long time, it can cause blurred vision, or even can damage the vision permanently. It can happen as the drug’s effect can damage the retina and eventually cause blindness.

Actos Bone Fractures: Actos can promote bone loss in women. Although this drug was too famous as a type 2 diabetes cure in the beginning, its popularity started to fade away when people reported the unwanted side effects. This situation is mainly caused due to the drug’s tendency of activating a receptor called PPAR-gamma. PPAR-gamma can slow down the formation of new bone structure and speed up bone breakdown, which ultimately causes bone loss. To be able to prevent the Actos side effects in the early stage, stop taking this medication immediately and get in touch with your GP for a thorough diagnosis.

fdaThese side effects make it difficult to rely on Actos for managing diabetes type 2. Unfortunately, patients who are already affected had no prior knowledge of these life threatening conditions. This is because the manufacturers chose to withhold useful information that would have given users of Actos the option of deciding whether to go ahead and use the drug or to look for an alternative medication to manage their diabetes type 2 condition.

Actos side effects can also be mild. They are usually mild in patients who have not used the drug for over 12 months. Other less severe Actos side effects include but are not limited to:

· Muscle Pain

· Tooth Pain

· General weakness

· Headache

· Sinus Infection

· Upper Respiratory Infection

Actos Side Effects

If you encounter any of these symptoms and you are on Actos, it may be best to seek medical attention. You may experience life threatening conditions associated with Actos.

Remember that some side effects are not life threatening and hence they might not require urgent medical attention. But for the sake of your health and avoiding future health complications, it is important to monitor your health and watch out for any leads that are associated with bladder cancer and organ failure.

In the US alone, bladder cancer affects about 70,000 people per year. If detected early, the cancer can be treated. However, its recurrence rate is quite high. Takeda does not acknowledge the link between bladder cancer and its drug, Actos.

Clinical studies have shown that tumors from the use of the Actos drug appeared in both male and female lab rats after a carcinogenic study that spanned two years. Another study done by Takeda Pharmaceuticals that spanned ten years showed an increased risk of bladder cancer in patients who used the drug for over a year.

Recently, a lawsuit was filed against Takeda Pharmaceuticals for the death of an Ohio man. The lawsuit charges the defendants that they were aware of the potential harm Actos harbored and that the drug was linked to bladder cancer. In recent news, Takeda pharmaceuticals paid out $6.5 million in damages to a plaintiff who developed terminal bladder cancer after four years of Actos use. The jury found Takeda guilty of not issuing timely alerts and warnings to patients over prolonged use of Actos.

Symptoms that may indicate the onset of bladder cancer include:

· Blood in the Urine

· Dark Colored Urine

· Pain during Urination

· Increased frequency of Urination

Heart Failure After Actos Use

Serious warnings on drugs come with a black box label. These are usually enforced by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) responsible for approving drugs that are to be issued onto the market. Warnings and alerts of heart failure are indicated in a black box. This warning was enforced in 2007 by the FDA after studies showed the potential risks the drug posed to patients. This move by the FDA came after two countries banned the manufacture, sale and distribution of the drug. Water retention and weight gain that result in patients under Actos medication have been shown to lead to heart failure.

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