Actos Injuries

Actos Injuries: What You Need To Know

Actos-Bladder-Caner-300x194Actos is a drug that was released in the year 1999 to treat type 2 diabetes. Since the release of the drug many Actos Injuries have been recorded. FDA carried out research on how the drug works for over ten years since its release and they come up with many findings about the drug which include many Actos Injuries. In some cases the drug has caused severe side effects that have led to many people filling cases against the manufacturer. Some Actos Injuries that have been recorded include bone fractures especially in women who have ever made use of the drug to treat diabetes. The bone fractures occur in parts of the body such as feet, upper arms and lower legs. There are also many injury caused by the use of Actos that has been recorded in some users .Here is some Actos Injuries that many people have suffered from as indicated by the research that was carried out by FDA on Actos Injuries:

Liver failure in the users

This is one of the Actos Injuries that research has shown. The liver is an important organ in the body and its failure puts the life of the users in great risk. In some countries such as France this led to the recall of Actos. Many people who have experienced this effect have filed lawsuits against the manufacturing company. Some signs of liver failure that the patients experience after using the drug include jaundice which is a condition where the patients start experiencing yellowing of the skin.

Heart complications

The drug causes severe side effects to the heart where it leads to the failure of the heart. This is recorded from the research carried out by FDA .This has led to many people who were using the drug to avoid it. Heart failure due to the use of the drug is brought about were the drug lead to making it hard for the heart to pump blood effectively .The drug can also lead to cardiovascular death .Through the research carried out in some cases there were people who have lost their lives due to Actos side effects.

Bladder cancer

This is one of the Actos Injuries that many people experience after making use of the drug. This is a complication that has led many to seek services of different injury lawyers in different parts of the world. Through the research carried out by FDA this was proved to be one of the Actos Injuries that the users experience.

Macular edema

This is part of the injuries that have been recorded in the research carried out about Actos Injuries. In the research many people who have ever used Actos were discovered to have developed complications in their eyes which eventually lead to blindness. This forms part of Actos side effects that have led to several lawsuits being processed by the users where the victims demanded to be compensated. In case you have been affected by Actos side effects looking for a good lawyer to help you in preparing Actos Injuries lawsuit will be necessary.

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